Field Operatives Code of Conduct

  1. As a Field Operative you will at all times have it firmly in mind that the reputation of the Company is in your hands. Our success depends on your conduct.
  2. The nature of our operation is unusual and peculiar. It can require speed of thought and imagination. It requires dedication and application. You will need to show perseverance and patience to achieve the right result.
  3. Over the years, clients have regularly expressed concern relating to entrapment and agent provocateur tactics. It must be clearly understood that it is not our function to prove or disprove a claim. We provide evidence that enables clients to assess and to come to a judgment. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST YOU INFLUENCE EVENTS. Your duty is to observe and film claimants’ as they go about their daily activities. You are not required to express opinion; you are required to assist clients to compile evidence, enabling them to evaluate a claim.
  4. You have been taught the ethical methods of identifying the subject of an enquiry. You must not use methods that have not been approved. You must not create circumstances that might be construed as harassment. Correct identification is absolutely paramount, but it must be done properly and using only those methods that have been approved. At your induction you were told of the problems caused by a rival organisation that provided filmed evidence of the wrong person. The ultimate cost to the client exceeded £250,000.
  5. You must not identify and then seek to film on the same day. Such impatience increases the odds of the observation going wrong. BE PATIENT.
  6. If at any stage in an enquiry you feel that the subject may have become aware of your presence, you must withdraw immediately. DO NOT HESITATE. Be aware that harassment can be alleged if you persist.
  7. It has been explained to you that you must protect the client’s interests at all times. You must be totally professional. It may sound old-fashioned, but we aim to be the best. We must be efficient. If an enquiry is causing problems, discuss it in the office.
  8. You must not let cases stagnate. It is accepted that matters can become prolonged for various reasons. Those reasons must be clearly indicated on the case data sheet on the files, in order that the clients can be advised of problems relating to any particular matter.
  9. Observation logs must be completed and filed even where there had been no activity, in order that clients can be updated on a regular basis, Full and detailed use of vehicles must also be recited and mileage details must be precise.
  10. Because of the problems that can arise in the area of schools, hospitals and government buildings and like establishments, you must be extremely precise.
  11. If you are likely to take static positions or be in one particular area for any length of time you MUST advise the local police. Our activities are perfectly legal, but we must use common sense.

It has been made plain that the procedures that we use are mandatory. Any deviation will be construed as serious misconduct. Your employment handbook defines serious misconduct and the ramifications.