History & Success

Throughout it’s history, Quantum has always been staffed by key members who have been at the cutting edge of the development of covert filmed evidence from the early days of Specialised Investigation Services.

Working along side this very experienced staff is a Consultant whom is the actual originator of such evidence.  He brings with him his high professional standards which initially brought the Kellogg’s v McGuinness ruling, to be followed later with the Sage Computer Business Winner of the Year Award, a national competition judged by Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountants. His many accolades finally being recognised by being the first in the investigative industry to be awarded with the ISO 9002.

In early 2003 Media Research Unit Ltd.was developed as a seperate stand alone business, a company specialising in undercover television work and long term sickness claims in the private sector. In 2005 Media Research Unit Ltd combined forces with Quantum offering covert surveillance of a standard that was unsurpassed.