Human Rights Act 1998

As a Company we are confident that our code of conduct and training procedures prevent the possibility of any adverse criticism in this area at a very early stage.

Despite the following High Court Decision our training procedures and code of conduct prevent such action unless unusual and particular circumstances dictate otherwise. It must be appreciated that work of this nature is not an exact science and accordingly circumstances can dictate action which is contrary to our usual working practices.

Examples of such situations can be obtained by request from Quantum.

Details of an important High Court Decision, follow, which explore the crux of where and when to film a subject and if such evidence is admissible, when the actual circumstances are taken into consideration.  The case in point is………


Personal Injury – evidence – human rights – trespass – CPR.

There is considerable opinion available from a number of sources on the justification for filming claimants to establish the truth of personal injury claims, when the film is obtained in public areas. This case covered the full spectrum of when a filming exercise continues into the private residence of a subject.

Should you require any further details regarding this then please do not hesitate to give Quantum a call.