Personal injury investigation

A service aimed at the Insurance Claims market but which can be adapted to any situation in the private sector.
Filmed evidence in relation to Personal Injury and Employers Liability insurance claims is always welcome as a means to an early settlement for many claims.

The highest professional standards with dedicated customer focus are vital, throughout and guaranteed, with added regular contact in writing or verbally as required.

Results are professionally presented, together with film copies in DVD format, full report and later a full statement with accompanying log sheets as exhibits if required.

No hidden extras…. All inclusive fee encompassing all man hours and additional expenses, travel, hotel etc. Statement preparation, copy films etc.

No film no fee…. The standard fee guarantees a filmed result, however long the investigation takes.

Full administration backup… The answers to any queries or any particular requests are only a phone call away.

The library of our many successes has enabled us to prepare a demonstration film with commentary to compliment our brief presentation on the services we offer and the pitfalls we experience(some amusing), and the many safeguards we install into every investigation. Our sales team is always available to attend both formal and informal gatherings of claims personnel to take these opportunities to explain in much greater detail, all we have to offer and a demonstration of some of the gadgets used on a daily basis.