Quantum Enquiries and Surveillance was established in 1998 and has played a pivotal role in providing the insurance industry with covert surveillance footage and relevant background searches through numerous open sourced databases and social media. Today they not only provide information and unquestionable surveillance footage to insurance companies but also work along side HM Prison Service, several Police Forces throughout the UK, the MOD and other Governmental departments. 

Our work force continues with the unfaltering dedication to the highest professional standards and unrivalled customer focus, which is hardly surprising, taking into account the many years of accumulated experience dating back over the past 30+ years.

Such standards were enhanced further when we joined forces with the Media Research Unit a further highly skilled covert surveillance operation working predominantly for the media industry. You will see the full synopsis below.

We operate an honest and open policy, following strict guidelines in our ‘Code of Conduct’ ensuring that elements of several pieces of legislation, particularly the Human Rights Act 1988 are not breached.

History & Success

Throughout it’s history, Quantum has always been staffed by key members who have been at the cutting edge of the development of covert filmed evidence and have been in the surveillance industry since the mid 1980’s.

Quantum led the way in demonstrating its abilities to provide true value for money by offering guarantees of a filmed result. It has prided itself on continuing with the ‘old fashioned values’ of yesteryear by continuing to offer surveillance packages to its clients with ‘all inclusive fees’ preventing any allegations of sharp practise and remaining fully transparent. 

In early 2003 Media Research Unit Ltd. was developed as a seperate stand alone business, a company specialising in undercover television work and long term sickness claims in the private sector. In 2005 Media Research Unit Ltd combined forces with Quantum offering covert surveillance of a standard that was unsurpassed.