Surveillance saves the day

Zoe Hallam, 48, claimed to be injured following a crash in 2011

A police inspector has been sacked after Quantum Enquiries & Surveillance obtained covert footage of Zoe Hallam whilst on holiday with her husband and son in the South of France. The 48 year old inspector who had been an officer for 25 years told colleagues that she was unable to sit and could not drive for more than 15 minutes, yet managed to travel to a campsite in South Brittany where she was filmed lifting mountain bikes off the back of her camper van without any obvious disability.
Zoe Hallam was later filmed during the five day surveillance; cycling, carrying chairs over uneven surfaces to the beach and even carrying an inflatable dingy on her head before lying across the bows and rowing it forwards using her arms in a front crawl position.Nottinghamshire police also caught her sending messages to a photographer at a Northern Soul night asking him not to take pictures of her dancing as she was ‘at war’ with her employers who believed she should be in a wheelchair.
The hearing heard how Hallam who sought medical retirement with an enhanced pension, had told officers that her injuries affected her mobility in her neck, back and arms and that she was unable to sit at a computer for long periods or drive.
Mr. Torr, who chaired the misconduct panel for four days said it was clear Hallam had ‘provided excellent service to the public’. but ‘following the accident, that all changed’.
He said it was a ‘sustained effort to deliberately mislead and exaggerate’.
He added: ‘The public of Nottinghamshire expect officers to maintain the highest standards, and inspectors must be at the heart. The appropriate outcome is dismissal without notice.’

Both Hallam and her husband Inspector Phil Hallam were arrested in 2013 on suspicion of: fraud by false representation and assisting fraud by false representation, misconduct in a public office respectively. But no charges were ever brought against either of them.

Inspector Phil Hallam was completely exonerated and will not face any internal proceedings in relation to this matter.

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